Cutting Edge, Responsible Lighting Has a New Place to Stay in Chicago

Lightswitch Architectural Brings Light to a New City Hotel

Chicago, IL (April 9, 2009) - Lightswitch Architectural, an architectural lighting design firm known
for its responsible lighting design practices, is proud to participate in the opening of the Wit Hotel
in Chicago next month. Destined to truly make a statement in Chicago’s entertainment district, the
property is a state-of-the-art hotel that blends the vision of developer, ECD Company, and
architect, Koo & Associates, to create a property that combines glamour and sophistication with
intellect and humor, adding a jolt of urbane energy into this State Street gateway to Chicago
culture and entertainment.

A design partner throughout, Lightswitch Architectural was charged with innovation and creativity
and has created a range of lighting environments that reflect the desired sophistication and
complement the architecture. The lighting systems are first of their kind, using new, cutting edge
design elements while taking into account energy efficiency and fiscal responsibility for both
development and long term maintenance costs. Responsible lighting design was the goal and
multiple technologies and techniques in the design have the Wit anticipating that their lighting will
be 30% more energy efficient than other hotels of its size. Lightswitch Architectural’s Principal,
Avraham Mor, provides some details, “Solid State Lighting (SSL) is at the core of the design and
used where practically and economically feasible. SSL is known for ultra long source life with low
power consumption and low heat emission, making it optimal in environmentally conscious

Mor continues, “Automating fixtures using daylight monitoring and astronomical time clocks set
the mood between day and night ensure efficient use of resources.” Additionally, the conference
rooms use a newer technology that allows the fluorescent lighting to be controlled individually or
as a group. A major attraction for the hotel is the state-of-the-art private screening room that uses
SSL technology and fiber optic lighting to create the perfect backdrop for the projection and

Mor concludes his comments about this exciting project by saying, “The success of this job is also
due in large part to JMS Electric, the installing contractor and Evergreen Oak Electric, the
distributor. Without their know-how and expertise in supporting responsible design practices, our
designs would never make it off the pages.”