Lightswitch is proud to announce the opening of “Illumination,” a new holiday experience at the The Morton Arboretum in Lisle, IL that challenges us to see trees in a different light. Brilliant, dynamic and interactive color-changing and white lights bring the rich beauty of the natural environment to life and spotlight Morton’s main attraction—it’s striking collection of trees and shrubs.

“Most holiday light shows are passive, traditional, and thoroughly in the realm of the expected. We feel the world has enough displays of traditional Christmas lights on fir trees and Santa riding a sleigh outlined in rope light. Using nature as the canvas at ‘Illumination,’ we explore not only sight, but also touch and sound as we engage and entertain our guests and explore the relationship between mankind and arbor,” says Lightswitch principal and project director John Featherstone. “The installation challenges the perception that trees in winter are dead. They are no more dead than we are when we rest. ‘Illumination’ makes The Morton Arboretum’s majestic trees the real stars of the show, using them as dimensional and remarkable objects to activate with light and projection, not merely armatures to hold up twinkle lights.”

Working with its long-time partner, Chicago-based lighting equipment vendor Intelligent Lighting Creations, Lightswitch transformed the park into a sensory guest experience. Visitors are invited to interact with the landscape as they traverse a mile-long path that features a variety of engaging installations, including:

• Illuminated, sensor-equipped arbors that change color when hugged
• Video projections that paint a backdrop on majestic firs with short films by local videographers and artists
• Voice-controlled lighting that creates dynamic patterns in the landscape when guests sing
• Projection mapping that captures visitors’ faces and exhibits them onto a grove of trees
• Energy-efficient LED lighting systems that animate the landscape while honoring the Arboretum’s commitment to conservation

Visitors can experience “Illumination” at The Morton Arboretum most nights from November 22, 2013 to January 4, 2014. To see a calendar of opening hours, purchase tickets and learn more about this enchanting new holiday event, visit