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Lysistrata Jones

Broadway | New York City, 2012

What It Was

It’s been more than 2,000 years since Greek playwright Aristophanes wrote Lysistrata but his playful take on the battle of the sexes is still fresh. The story was recently revamped for today’s audiences in Lysistrata Jones, a musical reinterpretation of the Greek play that was staged at the Walter Kerr Theater on Broadway.

What We Did

The musical re-imagined ancient Athens as a contemporary college campus, where the fight between two groups of co-eds unfolds on a basketball court. Lightswitch designed and programmed the digital basketball scoreboards that were an integral part of the set.

Why It Worked

By using an inexpensive video playback system and mobilizing its New York City-based crew to reduce overhead costs, Lightswitch met the client’s tight budget and schedule requirements.