June 2016
Nintendo devoted its entire 2016 E3 exhibit to one game, its new title The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
June 2015
Lightswitch designed the lighting for Nintendo's 2014-2015 E3 exhibits
June 2013
Always a major E3 destination, the Nintendo booth dominated the show this year with a booth that was 30 percent larger than its 2012 exhibit
June 2012
Nintendo's fantastical E3 2012 exhibit booth was inspired by its new Nintendo Land™ game.
June 2011
Nintendo’s new exhibit for the E3 Expo took a radical approach to deliver a totally immersive branded experience inside.
June 2009
Nintendo finds the appropriate balance between extravagant and fiscally responsible in their return to E3.
May 2006
For the twelfth consecutive year, Lightswitch provided lighting design for Nintendo's events at E3 in Los Angeles.
May 2004
Nintendo once again called upon Lightswitch to illuminate their 2004 E3 booth in a unique way.
May 2003
Nintendo produced one of the most outstanding and noteworthy booths at the 2003 E3 tradeshow.